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These general conditions of sale, valid for all products, are systematically brought to the attention of each buyer to enable him to place an order with Sun-Groupe. When he places an order, requests a personalized offer or a study, he confirms that he has read, understood and fully accepted the general conditions.

Last update of the general conditions, the 14.11.2019.

1. Open a free customer / distributor account on our online system and enter your contact details. The information entered must be true and verifiable. Companies or other organizations must send a copy of the registration to the commercial register by email or fax in order to complete the registration. Also send an email or fax and describe your activity and the reasons for your Sun-Groupe account opening request. Private registrations are not taken into account, for this reason, send an email to request the nearest distributor. Forms that are fanciful or incomplete are automatically deleted.
2. Select the products you want to order and confirm the automatic quote request. (the automatic quote (= online) does not give rise to any obligation.)
3. Contact our customer service to refine the offer and benefit from better prices according to the quantities or according to your degree of collaboration. The quote is therefore negotiated with the client.

You can print your automatic quote. As soon as your request is registered, you will receive an email.
Sometimes the confirmation email may take longer than expected to reach you due to the heavy congestion of Internet servers. If, however, no email reaches you within 12 hours of your request, do not hesitate to contact us.
Also check your spam filter, which can confuse legitimate emails with spam.

As a company related to international trade in goods and services, our prices are exclusive of tax in order to facilitate management and calculations for our customers abroad.
The offers are valid for 1 month or according to the exchange rate, unless clearly indicated to the contrary and when all the conditions are stable (situation at the factory, exchange rate, transport prices, commercial laws).

Depending on the rapid development of product development, and with the aim of always improving its products, Sun-Groupe reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the products, to cease marketing or to cease manufacturing certain of its products. Customers placing regular orders will be informed of the changes as a priority.
Provided that this is economically reasonable and by arrangement, we can provide regular customers with the guarantee that the products will be the same on each of their orders.

The physical and electrical characteristics quoted in our catalog are indicative, these can be modified due to technological developments, there is no contractual commitment, the same for photos and illustrations.

Our deadlines are given as an indication, between 2 to 30 working days when the conditions are considered normal and usual. The production / completion time depends essentially on the volume and the means of transport (plane, boat, train, etc.).
Sun-Groupe undertakes to shorten delivery times as much as possible, but cannot be held responsible for external elements which it cannot control (delays in transport, customs clearance, bad weather such as floods and extraordinary events) like a volcanic eruption disrupting air traffic, or others ...).
Deadlines cannot give rise to any deduction, compensation or cancellation of the order from Sun-Groupe.
Sun-Groupe assumes no responsibility for projects with mandatory deadlines and penalties in the event of overshoot.
Excessive delays on the part of carriers may be compensated against them by means of the tracking number.
Sun-Groupe supports any request from its customers in this direction by transferring its rights to them.

The contract takes shape when the client requests an offer / study for an installation and agrees on its content (material, conditions and prices). The content can be considered acceptable even in the case of competing offers.
The offer is made on the basis of the General Conditions at the time.
During the duration of the contract, respectively of the guarantee (s), the customer must keep himself informed of the evolution of the general conditions.
The payment of the offer validates the order as well as a signature and automatically transforms the offer into a firm order.
By quote means an offer and by invoice means an order.
When the customer requests an offer, confirms it orally and one or more emails have been sent, at the same time acknowledgments of receipt are received by our messaging, without any counter indication to the contrary after a period of 5 days, the customer is considered to have accepted the order, the general conditions and the remarks in the offer. (the partner is solely responsible for sending acknowledgments of receipt).
The cancellation or abandonment of an offer / study on site will be invoiced at a rate of 120 CHF / h and travel costs up to 1.5 CHF / km.
Without signing an hour sheet, a flat rate of 240 CHF and 100 CHF of travel expenses will be invoiced and payable at 10 days.
The material made available to the customer will be considered as consumed and invoiced, only Sun-Groupe can consider if the material has not been consumed.
Installation costs will also be charged to the customer.

The client has a period of 8 days to contest the equipment and the design work. After this period, it accepts the study costs and the material will be invoiced.
In all cases, the study work, which may include travel costs, is due.
The return of the equipment is subject to our agreement, in the original condition at the Cornaux center. Transport costs are borne by the customer.
Damages and missing packaging are invoiced. Administrative fees may be added.

You can pay by bank or postal transfer (payment information will be sent to you when ordering). We also accept payment in cash.
Customers are informed (in these General Conditions and by our staff) that only payment validates the order. This method gives the right to discounts and better conditions.
In international trade, only the prepayment is recognized as reliable, even if we sell locally in Switzerland.
At this level, and since the client is systematically informed of the payment method, when he requests a quote, he fully accepts this condition.
The customer cannot retract for the sole reason of the method of payment.

The delivery of the articles ordered is made at our Cornaux center or at the buyer's home or at any address he indicates when ordering. For more information, see the logistics section.
The customer has a period of 8 days to report any faults, after this period, only warranty for malfunctions is accepted.

When we accept returns of defective goods, they must always be returned to us carriage paid within 8 days of the date of our agreement, in the state in which we have supplied them (original packaging) to our Cornaux center. .
Returned goods are subject to our quality control. The return must be made with our prior agreement, spontaneous returns are not accepted.
If the goods are recognized as defective, Sun-Groupe undertakes to provide the customer with a replacement or equivalent depending on availability as soon as possible.
All transport costs are borne by the customer, including from the factory in China.
For reasons of cost and logistics, spare parts / replacements can also be sent during the next order.
In the case where the sale includes transport in the price of the product, transport is calculated as for an ordinary order.
Damages and missing packaging are invoiced.

We guarantee our products against any manufacturing defect for 1 to 5 years (depending on the product), from the date of delivery of the products and provided that the defect is reported no later than 5 days after discovery.
Without prior management agreement, when the customer requests discounts, guarantees of more than one year will be reduced to 1 year. Sun-Groupe may extend the warranty, this must be clearly noted on the offer signed and approved by management.
The warranty gives the right to exchange recognized defective equipment or an equivalent of our choice, without any other form of compensation (for example: labor, transport, modification of the device without our written agreement, non-compliant electrical installation to the standards and rules in force, cause unrelated to the material (overvoltage, lightning, etc.), non-compliance with the rules concerning the fitting of light fixtures and / or the choice of materials (especially on the seafront and seaside, damage frost, dew point, damp or unhealthy rooms, aluminum profiles not suitable for heat dissipation, outdoor light strips installed inside, structures that do not allow normal heat dissipation, etc.) ).
Sun-Groupe does not offer any guarantee on the variation if the customer does not manage to vary so-called factory variable lamps. In fact, LEDs are electronic elements and must be compatible with dimmers, in particular depending on the electrical loads, the configuration of the electrical network, the elements, distances and the type of dimmer.
We only offer a guarantee of variation on the installations that have been the subject of a study (which is billed according to hours and trips).
The warranty excludes all normal wear and tear of the LED and the power supply, in particular normal loss of brightness after a certain time, which is known and described in the factory technical documentation.
Some small lamps (compact, like the Gu10) powered by 230V are known technologically not to be able to be lit for more than 8 hours per day, beyond that, the lifespan may be reduced, i.e. additional wear excluded warranty.
No compensation will be granted for loss of use.
Any request for coverage under the warranty covered by Sun-Groupe must be written and addressed to Sun-Groupe, either by fax, by mail or Email. The customer must report on the circumstances of the failure , send photos proving the malfunction, for example: a lamp does not light, connect it to a socket with indicator light.
The guarantee excludes any travel on our part. In case of customer request, the prices (travel and fees) are the same as those indicated in the formation of the contract.
Remote technical support by all means of communication is charged CHF 3.00 / minute (a deposit may be required).
Sun-Groupe does not accept third-party invoices (material or labor).
In the event of an unpaid or disputed invoice, the right to cover the warranty is suspended until full payment has been made. The processing time is delayed as long as the customer does not pay the invoice.
Proof of order (reference number, delivery note or invoice) must be attached. The labels removed from the products void the warranty.
Returns will only be made with the prior written consent of Sun-Groupe.

Our company retains ownership of the goods sold until effective payment of the full price in principal and accessories.
Failure to pay one of the installments may result in claims for these goods, including if he has transferred these goods to third parties.
The buyer nevertheless assumes from the delivery, the risk of loss or deterioration of these goods as well as the responsibility for the damage which it could cause.
The images, photos, documents / technical descriptions, catalogs, price lists are the intellectual property of Sun-Groupe. Customers and partners must have written authorization to use them and for the sole purpose of marketing our equipment and our service. Reuse for the purpose of selling similar equipment or services is strictly prohibited. Sun-Groupe reserves the right to prosecute violators.

In the event of a dispute or litigation, the court at the head office of Sun-Groupe will have jurisdiction, in this case, Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any question or simply request a quote.
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