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Neuchâtel - Switzerland / China / Korea / Vietnam

Sun-Groupe Sàrl is a trade and services company based in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland as well as in Puyang in Henan province with an office in Beijing in the People's Republic of China.

The name of our company is Sun (孙氏) - Groupe (集团), Sun named after the Chinese founders and Group for holding type activities.

Registered as a sàrl in the Swiss Commercial Register with CHF 20'000 of capital, it is also subject to VAT.

In China since 1992

Based on the long experience in China since 1992, Sun-Groupe China (Jianxing Zaojia) is active in several sectors, including international trade (import-export of goods with China and East Asia), digitization and services.

It is also the first construction study office in the city of Puyang (3'651'700 inhabitants)!

A tremendous collaboration inspires the Chinese and Swiss members of our society: on the one hand, the world-renowned quality of Switzerland and China's unlimited work and production capacity, gives Sun-Group the means to satisfy its customers, whether companies, administrations, associations and of course, individuals!

From China LED Lighting

In 2007, Sun-Groupe China (Jianxing Zaojia) established contacts with LED lighting factories for home market as the company designing buildings.

Working together with a group of partner’s factories producing the best quality of lighting, our company opened the international market in early 2009.

Switzerland is well known as one of the most difficult market, the customers are very demanding in term of quality and quality-price ratio. Sun-Groupe selects the best products and adapted to the customer’s demands.

Our engineer’s design bureau also develops new LED products.

Our team is at your disposal for any questions or information.

Sun-Groupe Sàrl
2087 Cornaux

Tel. 0041 786 08 46 15
Fax. 0041 327 57 17 11

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